Brown Prisms or Brown Stairs

Brown Prisms is a set of 10 brown wooden prisms of the same length but in varying height and thickness.  This material helps children in getting a muscular impression of thickness.
Children need to carry one prism at a time from the shelf to their work area which helps in the refinement of their movement and strengthening of their muscular grip.
These are then graded by the children from the Thickest to the Thinnest by creating horizontal and vertical stairs. The Brown Stairs not only help in muscular co-ordination but also in the visual discrimination of dimensions. Children enhance their Language Skills by learning the Degrees of Comparison like thin, thinner, thinnest and vice-versa.
It is amazing to note that this material also forms the base for a Mathematical Mind and is also a preparation for Geometry.
The best part is that like most Montessori materials it is self-corrective. The child can check his/her work by putting the thinnest prism against each "step" of the stair and sensorially reinforcing the difference between each step to feel any irregularities.
A great way of working differently with this material is to use it with the Pink Cubes and to try endless formations and combinations with both. No end to the possibilities of exploring one's creativity :)