Learning the Montessori Way!

Geometric Solids:
An introduction to 3D shapes at the Kindergarten level. These are a set of 10 shapes which are sure to attract the attention of any child.
Ranging from the basic ones like the Sphere and Cylinder which the children can relate with easily to the more complex like the Prisms and the Ellipsoid. The young ones are usually in awe of seeing the Triangle Based and the Square Based Pyramids.
In a Montessori Environment the children are encouraged to feel each shape and explore its movement.
The movements vary for almost each shape. It is a Roll for the Cylinder, Circular one for the Cone, Off-Balance for the Ovoid and the Lumbar Movement of the Cube, Rectangular and the Triangular Prisms.
The Facilitators can make this material more interesting by asking the children to create their own little booklets of similar shapes that they see in the Real world which may include an ice-cream cone for Cone, a ball for Sphere and so on.
Geometric Solids is the first step in learning and exploring the 3D Shapes. A great way to ignite the childrens curiosity and imagination!