The Pink Cubes or The Pink Tower!

The Pink Cubes are a set of 10 wooden cubes of varying sizes painted in pink. These are great in helping children understand the concepts of size and dimension. The children grade the cubes from the biggest to the smallest. They create a beautiful Pink Tower!
However, the impact of this material is much more than just gradation. Children are encouraged to pick each cube one at a time to their work area which helps in building their focus and control of body movement.
These are a preparation for Math Skills and give children the base of 1 to 10. Very beautifully, these cubes teach children the Degrees of Comparison and add on to their Language Skills as children classify cubes as big, bigger, biggest and vice-versa.
It is interesting to note that the cubes are a self-correcting material which implies that children can recognize their mistake by their Visual Sense without being checked by an adult which helps them in developing their self confidence, independence and fosters a sense of accomplishment.
Furthermore, these can be used at the Elementary Level to teach the concept of Volume.
Wow! So many benefits of this beautiful material! Parents can definitely encourage children at home with Stacking Boxes or Cups which are similar in concept.
Go on! The Pink Tower can help the children discover so much of the expected and the unexpected too!