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We at Linden Montessori believe that children are capable of amazing things. In order to help a child achieve his/her fullest potential, we give a lot of emphasis on active learning where the children work on hands-on materials and absorb knowledge through their senses.


“I would like to appreciate you and the whole team at Linden for a great academic year. The session just got over and when I think about the year that was and the previous years, I feel so happy that we found a school as spectacular as Linden in all areas. Arianna joined Linden when she was exactly 2 years old and the 3 years that she was at Linden, the school and people around her has nurtured her, cared for her, helped her grow and be independent, be confident, take care of herself and take care of the environment.

I always say, Linden Montessori is one of the few schools in Bangalore that follows the Montessori approach developed by Maria Montessori whole heartedly. I love the classrooms and the Montessori materials that the school has, the play area, the plants around and the animals in the premise. Annual Day is something that I look forward to every year and love the atmosphere and the zeal that children have just before the event. I love the fact that children in the classroom are so organised and obedient and follow most of the set rules in the class.


Congratulations to you and the entire team for putting up such a marvelous show yesterday, entire arrangements were perfect and the dedication your team has put in has just no words to be described. It was the first time for Pranav ( Environment 5 ) and I was in tears watching him on the stage. I just cannot believe that he is the same child who used to cry his lungs out to go to school, here was facing the crowd and on the stage for the first time without fear. This was possible only due to Rima mam and Malini mam. I have no words to describe for the effort you both have put in for the change brought in him. He has started conversing and lot of development in his speech. Yesterday after being in the auditorium for 4 hours as soon as he sat in the car he started asking for Rima mam and Malini mam and wanted to go back to them. And I was in tension how he would sit in the back stage for so long but after 4 hours he wanted to go back to you all. I am grateful to both the teachers for his entire development. Special thanks to his class Didis too for all the help, he loves Lakshmi Didi. Once again from bottom of my heart and sincere gratitude thank you so much Rima mam and Malini mam. God bless you both and you continue to be wonderful teachers. Special thanks to Akshata, you too are a very positive person always smiling and warm. Everytime I call for any queries your positiveness and charm makes it so easy and I feel so secure that my child is in the right place. You are the best and being the first point of contact you do it so well. Please do pass this mail to the teachers. Sorry for such a long mail. All the best Stuti and hopefully you start the higher classes soon.


Observed every details of your school like

  • Safety being the first aspect.
  • Awesome Infrastructure (flooring, safety nets, study tables and chairs, ...)
  • Teaching aids (practical/real time experience, good study materials, making kids write at an early age, discipline,...)
  • Staff's behaviour and attitude (every staff teachers, helpers, drivers, security guard, ..) - they are quite concerned and alert. They understand the understanding the psychology of parent, kid and act based on that.
  • Brilliant Ecosystem (Internal as well as external).
  • Above all your open mindset for continuous improvement and mentoring every individual is simply a great Leadership and visionary.
  • Thank every one in case I have out on someone.

I only wish my child would have continued in the same environment if you had higher school. Request is to have different classes for passed out students so that my child visits your school taking this opportunity

Deepa Karthik

3 years ago, Montessori hunt for our kid ended up with a school bus leading me to a play and learn arena – Linden Montessori. Though we stay about 5 kms from the school and having considered the fact of 20 mins of travel each way, we are pretty glad to have chosen Linden.

Our daughter’s early childhood days has been up to the expectations. Thanks to the entire Linden team who has not only nurtured her with ample knowledge but indeed very much thought provoking at this age!

Few statements of hers during our regular conversations, made us speechless. As parents we are indeed very much proud of such thoughts!

I want to be a kind rich person, so that I can help the needy and not be an unkind rich

On seeing a lorry which was wasting a lot of water at a traffic signal, she was telling me that she would like to be a plumber so that she can fix the lorry and stop the water wastage. And it did not end there, she was also telling that she will ask the lorry driver to take care of the lorry and not waste water as water is essential to our life. This happened during the days, when the monthly theme was "Community Helpers"; which depicts the depth of education being given to the children.

Our choice of Linden was right and we are absolutely proud of having chosen Linden to give our kid a basic platform for her whole life!

A big and a whole-hearted “THANK YOU” to the Linden team and especially Stuti. Thanks to all your efforts to lead the Linden team in the most essential way to head the kids for their future.